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How to Decorate Your Room, Mattress and Furniture

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How to Decorate Your Room, Mattress and Furniture

I use my bedroom for multiple functions. It can serve as a library, office or lounge, but, I mostly make sure that it provides a suitable sanctuary for rest throughout the night. So, as I decorate my room, I ensure that it remains a luxurious space to give me the comfort I need.

There are many design options today, and you may find it hard to choose the most attractive ones. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a simple guide to help you out once you finally decide to change the appearance of your bedroom.

Choosing the Perfect Mattress to Add Glamour to Your Room

You’ll only need to get a good mattress for you to enjoy a stress-free evening. Some interesting reviews show that a hard, soft or too lumpy mattress will deny you the sleep you deserve. Replacing my mattress was one of the first things I did to improve the style and color of my room. Here, I found that there are different designs such as:

  • Pillow
  • Innerspring
  • Adjustable
  • Airbeds
  • Waterbeds

All these types come with manufacturers who guarantee better sleep and additional comfort. So, once you go mattress shopping, remember first to do thorough research. I discovered that this gives you a good head start before you even visit a physical or online store. Most importantly, decide on the size that you need. Most of us do not get enough sleep because the mattresses that we sleep on are either too thin or too small.

Choosing Colorful Beddings

Decorate your room by using calm and soothing colours to cover your mattress. These colors are both attractive and restful to make sure that you sleep immediately you enter into bed. You can also use bright colors to add glamour to your bedroom. However, I would advise you to use them in bedroom artwork.

If you have a child, it’s better to use beddings of cartoon or superhero characters. The ‘Avengers’ bedcovers might be a good place for you to start. But it’s better to allow your kid to pick out his or her favorite cartoon designs. In the end, he or she will always go to sleep feeling happy, relaxed and even safe.

Fill Your Room with Excellent Furniture

I love my bedroom because it’s somewhere where I can go to rest and wake up feeling rejuvenated in the morning. First, I’ve chosen the best bedroom furniture to suit my budget and style. Now, it’s an oasis that offers relaxation, and at times, it’s even hard to leave the room!

You can quickly change your bedroom into such a haven too. Some of the exciting furniture decorative options are:

  • Choosing a bed with a colorful headboard
  • Colouring your bedside table
  • Having some exotic wardrobes
  • Filling your dressing table with flowers and amazing stickers!

Furniture for Your Kids

It’s essential to look for the best furniture options for your toddler or teenager. I found that most kids love sleeping in fun and colorful beds, especially those that match their preferred styles. Here, you could choose to use a bedside table shaped like a love heart or star-ship looking bed!

Do not struggle when it comes to decorating your room. As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward. Of course, in many cases, we try to use fancy accessories to boost the room’s appearance, but a bedroom is really not a place to showcase your sophistication or exquisite taste. This can be costly and may not even give you what you need. Keep it simple and just make the room somewhere pleasant to be in, where you can rest with ease and sleep soundly!


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HBAG Members join NAHB for the 2017 NAHB Legislative Conference

More than 800 builders, remodelers, and their trade partners from across the nation, including HBAG members and staff, headed to Capitol Hill in mid-June for the annual NAHB Legislative Conference.  In a day full of meetings with elected officials and their staff, our members called on Congress to make housing and homeownership a national priority and to support policies that will keep the housing recovery moving forward. “Today, builders from coast-to-coast are sending a loud and clear message to members of Congress that a strong housing market is critical to spur job growth and create a vibrant, dynamic economy,” said NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald.

In more than 250 individual meetings with their representatives and senators, our members asked for progress on several key housing issues, including: REGULATORY REFORM. “We need a common-sense approach to regulations that kill small businesses. We need to be at the table. We need to keep pressing,” said Tom Ashley, co-owner of the remodeling company Expand Inc. in Baton Rouge, La.  A PREDICTABLE, AFFORDABLE NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM. “Losing the national flood insurance program would make it hard to even build—let alone sell,” said Darrick Guthmiller, chief business officer of Kochmann Brothers Homes Inc. in Fargo, North Dakota.

HOUSING FINANCE REFORM. “We need to talk about the future of housing finance. That is the key, critical issue here in Tulsa,” said HBA of Greater Tulsa director of association issues Stacey Bayles. Members also discussed tax reform, including protecting incentives for home ownership, cost-effective energy codes, securing a supply of softwood lumber, and the future of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, key to meeting the nation’s acute need for affordable rentals. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee, spoke to builders before they met with their lawmakers and said that this year there is “a real opportunity to do something about tax reform.” House Republicans are working on a tax reform blueprint that would generate economic growth, simplify the tax code, stop erosion of the U.S. tax base so that it is no longer more attractive for U.S. corporations to go overseas, and provide permanency to the tax code to deliver certainty to the business community, Roskam said. It was the first year since 2013 that NAHB has held its annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. During the past three years, as part of a nationwide effort to “bring housing home,” builders across the country met with their federal lawmakers in their home districts. The conference was held in conjunction with the NAHB Midyear Meeting which is a great time for builders to connect with and learn from fellow builders. Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to address members of NAHB at the conference on June 14th, but he had to abruptly cancel when breaking news sent him in a different direction. He was expected to discuss how the administration has scaled back overregulation in order to stimulate economic growth and help expedite the housing recovery. The cancellation came after the shooting at a congressional baseball practice early on the morning of June 14th, just 20 minutes from the US Capitol, where Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and 5 others were shot or injured.

HBAG members and staff send our deepest condolences to the victims, their families, friends, and other attendees that were affected by this act of lunacy. Army veteran and Ohio Representative Brad Wenstrup described the attack “like being back in a combat zone in Iraq.” He was one of the first to reach Scalise after he was shot and his military training took over. Wenstrup’s “medical expertise and quick action” are said to have helped stabilize Scalise. Scalise’s security detail, Capitol Hill police (David Bailey and Crystal Griner), and Alexandria police immediately returned fire on the perpetrator, shot him, and saved lives. HBAG would also like to recognize and thank Capitol police, emergency responders, Wenstrup, and other attendees who were able to react quickly and fearlessly.

Members of the HBA of Savannah & HBAG EVP Kelly Lass with Congressman Rick Allen (L-R): Lamar Smith, Mark Konter, Rick Allen, Jerry Konter, Kelly Lass

Savannah delegation with Rep. Buddy Carter (L-R): Mark Konter, Lamar Smith, Buddy Carter, Jerry Konter, Kelly Lass


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