Flooring Options

Flooring Options

June 27, 2016

Hardwood floors are traditional and remain one of the most elegant culls due to their shine, natural texture and variety of stains / culminates. They are durable. If installed and maintained properly will last the lifetime of the home. Wood floors are more sumptuous to purchase and harder to install then other flooring options. This is often the most prevalent deciding factor in determining whether it’s the right cull for a home. For homes built in Coastal Georgia, an engineered wood would be the better option as it holds up better in humidity.

Laminate has become very popular as a substitute for wood flooring. If you dote the look of wood but want something more affordable and more facile to install, laminate is a great option. Laminate is more durable, easy to clean and withstands scratches and dents much better than hardwood. It is however harder to rehabilitate. Planks may have to be abstracted and superseded whereas in hardwood a defect could be sanded out and refinished.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile can be visually perceived from bathrooms to living rooms. It is facile to clean and maintain while integrating a sleek finish for more contemporary homes. Ceramic may not be a good option for areas where children play and are prone to falling because of its hardness. Homeowners in warmer climate areas like Georgia incline to choose ceramic flooring as it feels cooler to the physical contact. Ceramic tile can also be slippery. Picking a tile with some texture may be best for homes where slips and falls are a concern.

Vinyl / Linoleum:

Vinyl and Linoleum are terms that incline to be interchangeable but are in fact two variants of material. Where Linoleum is a product made from natural materials and oils, vinyl is made with synthetic products. These type of flooring options come in astronomically immense sheets or squares with a wide variety of patterns. They are fairly facile to clean and hold up well in heftily ponderous traffic areas. The kitchen is a mundane place to optically discern this type of flooring but it is congruous for other areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. One of the most immensely colossal perks to vinyl and linoleum is the affordability.


While wall to wall carpet is not as popular as it once was in homes, it is still a great option for homes wanting comfort. Carpet is very easy to install and decently priced. It may not require to be cleaned as often as a hard surface, but it is remotely harder to maintain in terms of stain abstraction and annual steam cleaning. Homeowners who cull carpet often choose it because of the comfortable setting it engenders while reducing the noise of walking that harder surfaces would create. Allergy and Asthma sufferers should note that airborne particles incline to stick into carpet fibers. Customary vacuuming can help minimize the issue but it will not eliminate it entirely.


Marble, travertine, granite, limestone and slate are all examples of stones that can be utilized in flooring. They give a luxurious feel to a home with a beautiful texture and culminate. Like ceramic tile, stone has a cool property that makes it another great cull for Georgia homes. They are perdurable and are considered a lifetime flooring.

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